Otoplitelni sistemi

Atiliana develops customized water treatment programs taking into account the existing equipment, temperature load and metallurgy of the systems, health and ecological regulations. In addition to the chemicals supply, the company provides consulting and service in the field of chemistry. Our co-operation will ensure the following advantages starting with:

Initial support

We provide intensive technical support during the program start-up until steady operation is attained.


We propose regular onsite analyses, thorough treatment monitoring, including online techniques, remote system controls and reporting on the extensive water treatment process.

Continuous improvement

We are aware that operative conditions can change. Through regular process review we ensure timely treatment adjustment and improvement, if needed.


Our experts can supply and commission the necessary water treatment equipment to make the program complete.


We provide you with information about the relevant regulations and answer your questions related to it; for example REACH regulations and restrictions, individual risk assessment in compliance with international standards, ecological and technological assessment of the products and the processes.


With the assistance of BKG Water Solutions, Atiliana hold seminars for their customers as well as individual trainings on related topics, such as:

• Water treatment technology

• Safety (while handling the products, personal protection)

• Analyses, control methods

• Equipment

Your advantage

We help you improve your system’s efficiency, reduce maintenance outages and save water, which means reduce the cost.