Atiliana together with BKG Water Solutions develop products and solutions for the waste water treatment to improve the waste water quality and to respect the legislation and the environment. Due to increased environmental sensitivity and today’s legislative restrictions, most industrial plants which use water already have wastewater treatment plants. With the treatments of Atiliana and BKG Water Solutions you can respect the requirements and reduce your operating costs.

Ferrocryl®, Koaret, Labufloc, Koaret, Mikrosorban  

Anionic and cationic flocculants


Special products for COD and BOD reduction, metal removal and conditioning sludge

Ferrolin®, Gilufloc, Mikrosorban 

Primary coagulants, emulsion splitters

Ferrolin, Contraspum 

Antifoam for waste treatment

  • Coagulants and adsorbing agents:
    Ferrofloc®: Organic or mixed coagulants, used at low dosage, without changing the water pH, to remove suspended solids, colors, hydrocarbons and to substantially reduce the COD value, producing less sludge.
  • Flocculants:
    Ferrocryl®: Wide range of flocculants, available as powder or emulsions and in a large range of ionicity.
  • Sludge Treatment: Ferrocryl®:
    Specific agents which help separate the water from the sludge particles, increasing the filtration efficiency considerably.
  • Emulsion Splitting:
    Ferrolin®: Organic emulsion splitters, with low dosages for a quick and efficient separation of oil and aqueous phases and the reduction of hydrocarbon content and COD value, without producing any sludge.
  • Oil Dewatering:
    Ferrolin®:To reduce the concentrated oil quantities by decreasing to the minimum the amount of water in oil.
  • Defoamers:
    Ferrolin®: Wide range for both preventive and curative actions.

Customized Solutions:

Wastewater treatment plants are unique because of the number of influencing factors: quality of the wastewater, production processes, contaminants, plant design, etc. We provide solutions adapted to your special needs. We always investigate wastewater problems from the beginning of water consumption till the discharging point, taking into account all factors.

Why choose Atiliana Solutions?

We gained experience in wastewater treatment over several decades and in various types of industry. Our solutions allow you to respect legislation and the environment and to reduce costs. Our aim is to help you improve the treatment processes, while saving water and reducing sludge and waste. Wherever appropriate, we also investigate with you the possibility of reusing water and thereby controlling the whole water related field