Drinking Water

Thanks to BKG Water Solutions, Atiliana could provide product range for drinking water treatment, in order to avoid scale and corrosion. Our technologies can be used for all kinds of conditions, from municipal water suppliers - in the countries where it is allowed - to private buildings (e.g. hotels, universities, hospitals and private homes).

Ferrosil®, Albaphos, Luphos, Mikrophos, SiliphosHardness stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors for drinking water and once-through systems
Ferrocid®Disinfectants for sanitary and potable water. Treatment against Legionella

Corrosion and scale inhibitors


Ferrosil® avoids scale formation while protecting the circuits from corrosion, reducing the heavy metal contents in drinking water and reducing the maintenance costs.


Ferrocid®: Specific biocide for drinking water, which is especially recommended against microbiological and Legionella growth. Warm sanitary water can be an especially favourable environment for Legionella. Showers, because of the vaporisation of water, may represent a risk of Legionnaire’s disease contamination for the users. For these reasons it is highly recommended to treat drinking water systems.

Attention: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

What could Atiliana offer?

  • Ferrosil® available in liquid and powder form.
  • Raw materials fulfil the food grade requirements and meet the restrictions and the requirements of the European drinking water directive, as well as national regulations.

Why choose Atiliana?

  • Prevention of scaling.
  • Corrosion inhibition, to avoid any risks of getting brown water.
  • A proven harmless character towards water consumers.
  • Possible use of complete multi-functional product, corrosion inhibition – hardness stabilization - disinfectant.
  • Legionella control.