Boiler Water & Heating Systems

In many sectors of industry steam is used in the production, e.g. process steam, steam for heating purpose or the generation of electricity. To reach the best efficiency of the boiler system an optimal boiler water treatment is essential. BKG Water Solutions delivers innovative technologies to prevent scale and corrosion in the whole boiler system - feed water tank, boiler, steam and condensate system.


Innovative complete treatment based on filming amines, for boilers and closed systems

Ferrolix®, Albaphos®, Luphos®, Korrodex®

Oxygen scavengers, internal treatment and steam conditioning for boilers and heating systems


Fuel additives


Cleaners for boilers

Complete treatment programs for a wide application:

  • Steam generation boilers
  • Closed water systems
  • Industry and district heating systems


Cetamine®is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on filming polyamines for boiler water and steam treatment. It prevents scale and corrosion in feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems. The treatment is based on the combination of several actions:


  • Formation of a mono-molecular film, adsorbed on metal surfaces al l over the system; this polyamine film constitutes a continuous barrier between water and metal, cutting out corrosion without affecting the heat transfer
  • Dispersion of scale-forming salts
  • pH control by means of neutralizing amines

The main benefits of Cetamine® are:

  • Very small increase of the salinity within the boiler
  • Water cost reduction by reducing blow down
  • Slowly loosens and lifts existing scale
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to an optimal heat transfer
  • Increase of efficiency and reliability
  • Simple dosing, by dosing an unique product
  • Dosing according to the quantity of make-up water leads to less product consumption

Ferrolix® / Albaphos® / Luphos®:

Special treatment programs designed to protect all type of boilers, even at high pressure. The range includes all necessary chemical functions to avoid corrosion and deposition throughout the entire system:


  • Scale inhibitors and dispersing agents
  • Corrosion Inhibitors, with oxygen scavengers
  • Steam and condensate line protection
  • Carry-over inhibition

The products are available as single compound or combined product.

FerroflameTM – a complete range of fuel additives:

  • Boiler fire-side additives, which fight the problem of unburned material.
  • Anti-slag boiler fire-side additives, which control vanadium and sodium slag deposits on steam super-heaters, sulphuric acid corrosion and fouling problems on economisers and air pre-heaters, hence improving combustion process and boiler efficiency.
  • Fuel oil conditioning additives, to fight the problem of sludge deposits in oil tanks, oil pre-heaters, burners, etc., reducing downtime and maintenance

Why choose Atiliana and BKG Water Solutions?

  • To avoid material damage.
  • For an optimal heat exchange, without localised overheating.
  • To minimise potential breakdowns.
  • To prevent overheating and, in the case of carry-over, risk of deposits on the turbine blades.
  • For a long lifetime of your systems