Cooling and Process Water

An optimal heat transfer is the most important point in every water cooled process. Scale, corrosion and biofouling affect the heat transfer negative. Therefore BKG Water Solutions develops for cooling and process water systems customised solutions, often based on the combined treatments of scale prevention, corrosion inhibition, fouling prevention and biocides.

Ferrofos®, Aktiphos®

Dispersants, scale and corrosion inhibitors for open cooling systems


Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides*. Treatment against Legionella.

Ferrolix®, Korrodex

Scale and corrosion inhibitors for closed cooling systems

Ferrocryl®, Gilufloc

Flocculants for conditioning of make-up water


Cleaners for water systems and filter conditioning products

Corrosion Inhibitors

Ferrofos® , designed to prevent corrosion of steel, copper and copper alloys by forming a protective layer.

Scale Inhibitors

Ferrofos® prevent the formation of scale from water hardness salts by blocking crystal growth. Beyond the stabilisation limit an amorphous precipitate is obtained which is dispersible and does not form hard scale. It can be removed from the water system by normal blow-down.

Dispersing Agents

Ferrofos®, minimise on account of its dispersing agents the formation of any deposits or fouling.


Ferrocid® for an effectively control of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and algae) in industrial recirculating water systems. Oxidising and non oxidising biocides useful against slime forming and other bacteria. These organisms can produce an environment in which serious corrosion, biofouling and growth of Legionella can take place.

*Attention: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Ferrocryl® can be used to clarify make-up water and to remove solids. Charged polymers forms particles that are large enough to sediment. By treating raw water and enabling its risk-free use the costs for water can be reduced.

What kind of systems do Atiliana and BKG Water Solutions take care of?

  • Once-through systems
  • Open cooling systems/Cooling towers
  • Closed cooling circuits
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Heating systems and sprinkler circuits.
  • Any type of process water.

WHY CHOOSE Atiliana and BKG BKG Water Solutions?

  • To prevent blocking of pipes and pumps.
  • For an optimal heat transfer.
  • To avoid equipment failure.
  • To prevent system shut-downs.
  • To reduce the frequency of operational maintenance.
  • To minimize costs.