Food & Beverage Industry

The water quality requirements are very strict in food and beverage industry, especially when the water could come in direct contact with food. A lot of processes require water with a high quality and pureness.

Boiler water treatment

A major concern of the food and beverage industry is to produce steam and water in accordance with the FDA or local regulations. Atiliana provides you with treatment programs for process systems and boilers that meet your special needs.

Application – Boilers & heat exchangers

Cooling water treatment and autoclaves

The requirements for cooling water in closed and open cooling systems are also high in food and beverage industry. In the sterilisation and pasteurisation of food BKG products are used with success in autoclaves and pasteurizers.

Application – cooling and process water

Membrane treatment, antiscalants and cleaners :

Food and Beverage production plants can also use membrane filtration units. Our procedures, chemicals for membrane maintenance and equipments are ideal to maintain high filtration efficiency and to reduce the operating costs.

Application - membrane treatment

Waste water treatment:

We provide customised solutions in order to reduce the COD and BOD of wastewater that is highly polluted with organic matters.

Application – Wastewater