Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

In the production of chemicals and pharmaceutical products the reactors and mix tanks are tempered. Water for the cooling and steam for the heating are essential. The requirements for the quality of water and steam are high.

We offer for the manifold application the right treatment. We offer programs which satisfy the demands of this very exacting industry :

Water Preparation & Reuse:

  • Biocides, flocculants, equipment & service for preparation of high quality water
  • Chemicals for filtration membranes

Application - membrane treatment

Cooling & Process Water:

  • Combined treatments for scale, corrosion inhibition, fouling and biological growth control
  • Biodegradable polymers

Application - treatment of open and closed cooling systems

Steam & Heating:

  • Scale, deposition and corrosion inhibitors for steam production
  • Organic and non-organic treatments for boiler and closed systems; all-in-one products

Application - production of pure steam


  • Specific cleaning and disinfection procedures for your water systems: e.g. autoclaves, vessels, reactors
  • Chlorination units, UV systems
  • New biocides with low environmental impact
  • Test kit for the detection of biofilm HydroBio┬« HydroBio®


  • Coagulants, flocculants, emulsion splitters, adsorbents and specific additives for treatment of effluent, sludge and oil dewatering
  • Customized solutions for water reuse

Application - wastewater treatment