Steel & Coke Industry

Atiliana has a huge experience in water treatment at steel mills and coke plants. Therefore we understand the whole process from the blast furnace, continuous casting to the metal surface treatment and this can help you resolve water problems starting from the water pre-treatment to discharging.

Cooling and process water systems

Our solutions are adapted to the specific features of steel mills and metal working industry and to the main risks that they face:

  • Deposits and scaling, e.g. in scrubbers, spray nozzles and casting dies;
  • Contaminants from production, e.g. dust, metal oxides, oils, casting powder, etc.
  • Features due to the age of plants, e.g. multi-metal-based systems
  • Size of the systems, with large, branched circuits, and high thermal load.

To reduce the water consumption and to increase the safety in operation a optimal water treatment adapted to the local needs is necessary. With our products scale, deposits, corrosion and microbiological problem can be avoided.

Application - cooling and process water



By discharging the waste water should be within the authorized limits. The use of our flocculants and emulsions splitters can help you to meet the required limits:

  • Emulsion splitters specifically designed to treat the large amounts of oil and oil-in-water emulsions from steel mills, reducing the amount of oil sewage and minimising the global cost.
  • Other treatments to remove the main contaminants from steel wastewater - oil, metallic ions, suspended solids and surfactants-, and substantially reduce the COD value.

Application - Wastewater

Coke plant

Ferrosolf®: Atiliana provides Coke Plants with products, solutions and expertise in the field of:

  • Dust control
  • Anti-fouling
  • Caps and doors´ sealing
  • Coke oven coating.
  • These technologies are included in our Ferrosolf® range.

Application – Process chemicals